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“Most people passively watch sports for entertainment, but sports actively turned me into an effective leader” - Dr. David M. Walker


Drive. Determination. Dedication.

Dr. David M. Walker is the CEO of Walker Media Group LLC. Walker Media Group LLC is an umbrella company for Dr. Walker’s business as a speaker, author, and podcast host.

Dr. Walker is a retired NYC school administrator, former pastor, and former NCAA Division 1 college basketball referee. His life experiences have led him to work with individuals who want to live a champion’s life. He empowers individuals to maximize their leadership potential by overcoming obstacles inherent to leadership and develop success strategies with proven results. He speaks locally and nationally at schools, churches, community events, and conferences.

Dr. Walker is the author of The Champion’s Mind: How to Defeat Giants and Win. The Champion’s Mind is a compelling book about servant leadership. It outlines foundational truths that will help you overcome fear, doubt, and insecurity to live and compete at a champion’s level. The Champion’s Mind is “one of the best-written and most prescriptive books I’ve ever read in quite a while on the well-worn subject of success principles”—Dr. George Fraser, CEO Power Networking Conference.

Dr. Walker hosts the podcast Beyond the Culture with Dr. David M. Walker.

Dr. Walker earned his doctorate from Northeastern University and a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary.

He lives in Orlando, FL

Leadership Strategist

Are you tired of wanting to make a difference, but don’t know how? Are you ready for a change? Do you want to become an effective leader? Then, give me your ear.

The Champion's Mind: Unlocking the Formula to Successful Leadership

Leadership comes with a significant number of challenges. Managing others as well as oneself comes with high expectations.

Game Day: 5 Steps to Fuel Student Success

Success in life is only possible when there is a stable foundation. Students and athletes get five actionable tips and strategies that prepare young people to become the leaders and achievers of tomorrow.

Keeping Your Leadership Success Flow in College and Beyond

Leadership comes with a natural rhythm of success. This engaging talk will assist students in analyzing four crucial elements of maintaining a successful leadership journey in college and beyond. Dr. Walker ignites the audience to access their strengths and assets to help build a continuum of success.

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Satisfied Audiences

Beyond The Culture

Embracing Change Through Sports

A Platform for Empowerment

Are you struggling to make a positive impact in your family and community but could use some support via motivation? Do you want to lead in a way that others will follow? Then tune in weekly as we talk sports, education, and community. Guests share their stories of struggles and give tips and strategies that are sure to inspire. Together we embrace change and challenge cultural norms and ideals. If you’re ready to live a life beyond barriers, then this podcast is for you.

The Champion’s Mind

A book that will guide you to live life in the winner’s circle.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor. [And They Are.]

I have one simple question for you. Are you ready to WIN? The Champion’s Mind takes you on a guided journey of where you are today, where you want to go, and the steps to make sure you get there. If you’ve ever wanted a personal coach to help you achieve your dreams, then The Champion’s Mind is for you. It is about developing the proper mindset to lead and land the goals you’ve set. Once you master the mindset, everything else is possible. Truth be told, the odds are always in your favor. The Champion’s Mind assures it.

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The Champion’s Mind


In his inspiring yet revealing book The Champion’s Mind, Dr. David M. Walker lays out foundational truths that will lead you on a journey to success. In addition, he devised several fundamental principles that the reader who is facing overwhelming odds can implement into their life and produce a real success story. Now, with this companion study guide, Dr. Walker offers a practical tool to remind you of your ability to succeed. Like King David, you have the inner strength to be a champion and win in life.

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The Men's Circle

Not taking for granted the shoulders we stand upon that got us here.

Now that we are here... (where are we going) and (what do we do)?

The Men’s Circle is a safe space to simply be men. We talk about family, fatherhood, sports, struggles, and strategies. We honor the past while preparing for the future. Together we learn to acknowledge, accept, embrace, and empower in all aspects of our lives. We acknowledge our good, bad, and ugly. We accept when we aren’t living up to our responsibilities and pivot. We embrace the newness in different aspects of life. But most of all, we empower each other and the next generation of those to come. Join the Men’s Circle and help build a community of men driven, determined, and dedicated to breaking barriers and building a legacy through leadership strategies.

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Very engaging, inspiring and wonderful! Relevant and awesome!!! I enjoyed every moment from the dance off to the trivia! Samoya H.

    Dr. David and the event organizer should know that his relevance and animations during his presentations is life changing!!!. Shelly J.

      Dr. Walker’s passion for his work is an expression of his love and dedication to the spiritual, social, and personal growth of Black and Brown student-athletes. Victor R.

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        No one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves. – Dr. George Fraser

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